TOGAF Business Architecture Foundation OGBA-101 Exam Preparation

How to describe the Business Architecture of your Organization and how to implement it using The Open Group's TOGAF ADM Method

TOGAF Business Architecture Foundation Exam Preparation Training (2 days)


Objective : The purpose of this TOGAF Business Architecture Foundation Exam Preparation training is to provide you with the required Business Architecture concepts and examples of real exam questions to validate that you have gained an acceptable level of knowledge and understanding of the Business Architecture concepts and how these concepts could be implemented using TOGAF's ADM

Prerequisites : None

Attendees Profiles : CxO, Business Strategists, Enterprise Architects, Business Architects, System Architects, Business Analysts, System Analysts


Description of the topics :

• The concepts of Enterprise Architecture and the TOGAF Standard
• The key terminology of the TOGAF Standard
• An introduction to the TOGAF Architecture Development Method (ADM)
• The topic of business modeling and how it relates to Enterprise Architecture within a TOGAF context
• The concept of business capabilities and how business capabilities can be modeled
• Value streams and value stream mapping
• Information mapping
• Organization mapping
• How to apply the TOGAF Business Scenario method
• How a Business Architecture can be developed with the TOGAF ADM




Detailed Description of the Exam Questions per Area


  • The topic areas covered by the examination together
    with the number of questions per area in the examination are as follows:
    1. Introduction and Concepts (6 questions)
    2. Introduction to the ADM (5 questions)
    3. Business Modeling (4 questions)
    4. Business Capabilities (6 questions)
    5. Value Streams (7 questions)
    6. TOGAF Business Scenarios (3 questions)
    7. Information Mapping (3 questions)
    8. Organization Mapping (3 questions)
    9. Applying Business Architecture Techniques within the TOGAF ADM (3 questions)

  • Notice :An additional training day is recommended for candidates willing to understand how to use a modeling tool such as the Sparx EA to describe a Business Architecture through an end-to-end case study,


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