Leveraging Business Agility using - TOGAF and ArchiMate in Practice

Designing and Realizing Entreprise Architectures using TOGAF and ArchiMate in practice

This two part webinar offers a detailed explanation of 'how to leverage business agility using TOGAF's Capability Based Planning with ArchiMate 3 and UML standards in order to make businesses move at the pace of change while providing the required structures to help it run successfully. It illustrates step by step on a short case study how to use these modeling languages throughout TOGAF ADM phases in order to align organization business capabilities and IT/SOA architecture backbone components with changing business strategies until coordinating implementation projects on the basis of Architecture Decisions...


The webinar presentation is based on the workshop entitled Designing your Enterprise Architecture using TOGAF and ArchiMate 3 in Practice - a 2 days training program tailored for TOGAF Certified Architects or architects having acquired necessary knowledge of this Certification level and who wish to understand in depth how to apply efficiently TOGAF® and ArchiMate® concepts in order to build up an enterprise architecture platform able to offer necessary interfaces and support structures to leverage business agility.


The content of this 2 hours presentation is provided step by step as part of the following slide.




A few excerpts from the presentation slides of the Case Study are provided below.


On the basis of the "Digital Transformation" project description of a Web Sale Company that will be presented during the webinar, the capabilities below will be part of its baseline architecture.


BaseLine Capabilities of the WebSale Company



In order to adapt baseline capablities to changing strategies, we identify how they need to be impacted by new goals, then assign them appropriate strategies and objectives to ensure a coherent evolution.




After structuring each capability to mitigate risks and assessing impacts throughout Architecture Layers along phases B, C and D of TOGAF ADM, the consolidated Roadmap as well as high-level capabilities of the Transition Architectures have to be determined in Phase E and modeled to enable the organization to capitalize on its capabilities.



Baseline - Transition - Target Architecture : Capability Components


Such a roadmap that integrate capability components brings valuable information to elaborate the Architecture Definition Increments Table...that assigns incremental deliverables to implementation projects accross the Transition Architectures.

Then, we focus on how to coordinate Implementation Projects on the basis of capability increments that have to be delivered...



Finally, we study how to plug the solution building blocks into the CAPABILITY BASED IT/SOA backbone and implement expected business behaviours... to capitalize on enterprise assets along your EA Transformation Project.



Notice : The above webinar presentation presents a few snapshots from our training workshop entitled Leveraging Business Agility - TOGAF and ArchiMate in Practice.

In case of an "on-site" delivery session of this workshop, we may also adapt its content and case studies to your needs and business case in order to provide you with a good starting point and roadmap for your EA project. After the workshop, we can also accompany you through review sessions for validating your architecture solutions conformance to your business needs.



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